GRIT Life Schedule.

At GRIT Life Grand Rapids, we offer classes six days a week to keep you on track to meeting your goals. We have a variety of challenging workouts to keep you on your toes, get you sweating and make you part of our community of warriors.

We use Mind Body online to reserve spots in our classes. Registration is free and they offer a convenient application in case you need to cancel your class reservation. Not a Mind Body user? It’s fast and easy to register. Visit our Mind Body Schedule Page and click Register in the upper right corner of the page. Want to register a profile now? Just click here.

The schedule below is not dynamic. These are the classes we offer most frequently. To get the latest schedule, please visit our MindBody page.

We offer these classes on a weekly basis but reserve the right to modify times and schedules as needed by our members. Want to become a member? Learn more about our programs and pricing.