Our Mission.

GRIT Life is a community, resolute on constructing healthy lifestyles through movementnutritionrecovery and mindfulness.

We believe a life built atop these pillars will be fulfilling and worthwhile. Therefore, growth in all these aspects is keystone. Some of us are elite athletes, others are passionately pushing their potential. Regardless, expert coaching, accountability and relationships keep us motivated and focused on our goals. The road we travel is fun and challenging.

Together, we embrace the adventure and propel one another forward. Join us.

GRIT Life is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our experienced, motivated coaches and trainers have decades of combined experience in helping adventure seekers, beginners and elite athletes reach their goals.

Our community is open, supportive and fun and we take pride in the fact that our members are our biggest advocates for the values we stand for.

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, we want you to feel welcome. Stop by the gym or contact GRIT Life to set up a consultation.