New Year, New Challenges and Changes

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Happy New Year! We not only wish the best for our TRIBE this year, we’re excited to be part of your journey. As we step into 2019 we’re pleased to be bringing a few changes and new additions that we feel will improve our gym community and help us all become a little more GRITTY.

As you well know Reflection is one of our foundational pillars for constructing a healthy lifestyle. With that in mind, we wanted to be more intentional about movement. In order to reflect and be mindful of how we move and work to move better, we’ll be introducing ​FOCUS MOVEMENTS each month. These movements will be integrated into our training program and be the subject of extra instruction and work outside of class. Get ready for some homework!

Are you prepared to ​Test Your Grit​?! In 2019 we’re going to give you an opportunity to do just that. Over the course of each month, we’ll post four workouts for you to complete, when you finish the workout, you’ll be asked to submit a post with some proof that you’ve completed it. Don’t worry, we’ll keep that part interesting. Every time you complete one of the workouts, you’ll be entered into a drawing that will occur at the end of the month. That means you have four opportunities to enter each month. The winner will take home some baller swag of course and we’ll all be a little leaner and meaner.

Another new addition this year will be our 12XK program (12 X 1000). Every month participants will be assigned one of four body weight movements; push ups, squats, pull ups, or sit ups. At the beginning of the month we’ll ask you to do a 1 minute AMRAP of this movement, then over the course of the month we’ll show you how to progress through 1000 reps of the movement. At the end of the month you’ll do another 1 minute AMRAP to measure improvement. By the end of 2019 participants should exhibit a marked improvement with these movements and the satisfaction of having completed the 12,000 rep journey. Oh yeah, we’ll also throw in a super cool one of a kind 12XK T Shirt to commemorate your accomplishment.

Last but in no way least, If you take a look at our schedule on Mindbody you’ll notice some new additions. We’re rolling out three new 6:30 pm classes. On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Among them are Barbells, Boxing, and Cardio Bootcamp. We hope this gives those of you who have a difficult time making it to the 5:30pm class or those who enjoy a dirty double another opportunity to get a workout in.

As we look forward into the new year, we see opportunity and growth. Those won’t come without effort though. As coaches and a fitness community, we’re in your corner. We challenge you to renew your commitment to yourself and your health. Set goals and tell us about them. Comment below or engage with us over on Facebook. We’re ready to push and cheer you every step of the way.

Craig Duncan

Craig Duncan

Craig Duncan is the living embodiment and chief ambassador of GRIT Life’s core values. A natural motivator and passionate mentor, Craig’s passion has always been helping others. Opening GRIT Life was the catalyst to launch others towards achieving their best self.

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