GRIT LIFE Members on Mindfulness and Meditation

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In our final REFLECT post for the month, we bring you the stories of two of our amazing community members. Learn more about how Amee and Jessica have used meditation, breathing and mindfulness to achieve focus, relieve stress and improve other areas of their lives. At GRIT Life we believe that mindfulness, meditation and positive intentions are a crucial part of healthy lives and fitness routines.

We want to thank Amee and Jess for sharing their stories and giving back to our community. We’ll continue to share stories of our members in the coming months. And if you need any help setting up a mindfulness or meditation practice, don’t hesitate to grab us after class.

Meditation Experience and Practice – Amee

Meditation Experience and Practice – Jessica

We want to hear from you too! Interested in participating in future member spotlights? Touch base with Craig or drop us a comment here or on Facebook. Our community is so important to us and we want to make sure that you have your say.




GRIT Life's admin is also a member! Dan is the owner of a digital consultancy focused on digital strategy, user experience, research and site design. His company helps people and businesses get the most out of their digital footprint. He trains with Coach Craig Duncan twice a week and loves being a even the tiniest part of GRIT LIFE's amazing success.

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