Meditation and Your Brain

Man meditating in a field.

As we start to wind down our month long focus on Reflect, we turn our attention to the meditation side of reflection.

While there are many types of meditation (zazen, primordial sound meditation, heart rate meditation just to name a few), all of them offer similar benefits that will pay off in your training, focus and mindfulness.

Regular meditation helps reduce physical stress, increases focus on work and improves your ability to retain knowledge. Recent studies have even shown that semi-regular meditation has huge benefits for one of our most important muscles – our brains.

Per the study, “measurable changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress start to appear in subjects who practice mindfulness meditation for only eight weeks.”

Want to know more about what meditation might mean for your brain and the impacts it might have on your physical and mental fitness? Check out this article from the Chopra Center.

Not ready to jump into a full meditation practice? Start with just two minutes a day. A great way to begin small steps to longer meditation sessions is to box breathe. We covered box breathing in our post last week and can’t stress enough the importance of this technique in bringing focus to your day.

Do you meditate? We want to know about your practice and what it means to your physical and mental fitness. Shoot us a message over on Facebook if you’re comfortable sharing your story in next week’s post.


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