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Introducing GRIT LIFE 12XK

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Woman Doing Pushups In A Gym

Hey Tribe, who has goals out there? You want to finish faster? Be stronger? Think grittier?

We got your back!

This year we’re giving you an opportunity to push harder through our 12XK program. Every month participants will be assigned one of four body weight movements; push ups, squats, pull ups, or sit ups. At the beginning of the month we’ll ask you to do a 1 minute AMRAP of this movement, then over the course of the month we’ll show you how to progress through 1,000 reps of the movement.

At the end of the month you’ll do another 1 minute AMRAP to measure improvement. By the end of 2019 participants should exhibit a marked improvement with these movements and the satisfaction of having completed the 12,000 rep journey. Oh yeah, we’ll also throw in a super cool one of a kind 12XK T Shirt to commemorate your accomplishment.

Our movement this month is the Push Up. Come in and do your 1 minute AMRAP at the gym by this Saturday 1/12. You can also send us a video of you completing it to if you prefer. It IS ok to start the program if you haven’t done the AMRAP, please get it done within the first week though.

Your goal each day is to do as many reps as you can unbroken. Normal Push Up rules apply. Your chest must make contact with the ground at the bottom of the movement and your elbows must be locked out at the top. You may worm up once you’re too fatigued to complete a strict rep. Watch for a Push Up technique video in the days to come. In the meantime, get after it!

Days| # Reps | Total Reps

1-5 | 25  |125

6-10 | 35 | 300

11-20 | 40 | 700

21-25 | 60 | 1,000

Craig Duncan

Craig Duncan

Craig Duncan is the living embodiment and chief ambassador of GRIT Life’s core values. A natural motivator and passionate mentor, Craig’s passion has always been helping others. Opening GRIT Life was the catalyst to launch others towards achieving their best self.

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