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Reflecting on our thoughts and actions regularly makes us more mindful humans. When we pay attention on purpose without judgement, it allows us to observe ourselves from a more centered perspective. We gain clarity and focus, increase our ability to stay present, and lower stress. 

Being reflective is being mindful and being mindful requires discipline. Our minds are primary in making any sort of healthy lifestyle a priority and reflection allows us to evaluate our progress in training our brains as well as our bodies.

Just like our muscles, it’s important to give our brains active work to stay strong and healthy, as well as time to rest and recover. And if we don’t have our minds right or understand the battle in front of us, we’ve already secured our own defeat.

Whether you practice journaling, daily mantras and reflection or want to learn more about meditation and mindfulness, we’re here to help you find the grit inside your mind to tackle any obstacle and overcome the things preventing you from making healthy choices at home or in the gym. Need help getting started with mindfulness or meditation? Send us an email a with the subject line “Reflect Consultation,” and tell us a little more about your goals.

Craig Duncan

Craig Duncan

Craig Duncan is the living embodiment and chief ambassador of GRIT Life’s core values. A natural motivator and passionate mentor, Craig’s passion has always been helping others. Opening GRIT Life was the catalyst to launch others towards achieving their best self.

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