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The Role of Hydration in Recovery

Most of us think of fascia as a piece of tissue like a sheet of plastic that shrink wraps us just beneath our skin. Which is true, it is a superficial layer that encases and protects us, but it’s also a structural tissue that creates the framework for our internal soft tissue, forming each section […]

October’s Focus Pillar: Recover

In the month of October our focus is Recovery. For us, recovery refers to the methods we use and the steps we take to allow our body to rest and repair. These include but are not limited to: Sleep Time spent outside the gym Hydration Nutrition Posture Stretching, mashing & rolling Stress management Compression Recovery […]

Improving Mindfulness and Reflection: Box Breathing

Every day, I try to spend a minimum of two minutes practicing box breathing. I think of it as mental hygiene, because it’s like giving your mind a bath. It helps us to focus and clear our mind of distractions. For me, it’s best to perform this exercise first thing in the morning, but as […]