Be Your Best Self.

We’ll help you construct a healthy lifestyles through movement, nutrition, recovery and mindfulness.

Training For Athletes.

To be a top competitor in middle and high school athletics, strength, power, speed, agility and quickness are required. We’ll help give you the edge you need.

Nutrition Counseling.

You can’t reach your goals on exercise alone. Let us build a plan that meets your goals and life.


Grit life is a community resolute on constructing healthy lifestyles through movement, nutrition, recovery and mindfulness. We believe a life built on these pillars will be fulfilling and worthwhile.


Classes & Training.

We offer a variety of motivating classes and training programs that will push your limits and help you to reach your goals. They are:

What are you waiting for?

Our goal in establishing GRIT Life was to provide our community with a conveniently located, clean, spacious training space that provides fun, challenging classes taught by some of the best coaching around.

We are Tough
We Are Resilient
We Are Intense
We Are Results Driven
We Are Community

Drop-In Classes

Train 6 Days

per week

3,400 sq. ft

of training space